Level 3 Merchant Processing

Businesses accepting commercial and or government transactions can take advantage of lower interchange rates by passing level 3 line item detail.

Level 3 processing is a more sophisticated way of accepting commercial and government cards and include additional  enhanced transaction detail like you would find on an invoice.

A commercial transaction passed with level 3 line item detail vs. without it can be as high as 1.50%.  This is before processors add a markup.  If your looking for a way to reduce your transaction cost, consult with a level 3 merchant provider like Revolution Payments.

Revolution Payments is leading advocate and level 3 payments expert.  We have made qualifying for level 3 very easy and in fact can help you qualify for the level 3 reduced interchange rates without you lifting a finger.  Give us at 888 790 3450 or info@ revolution-payments.com to learn more.

To receive a No Obligation Level 3 processing audit fax your last months statement to 877 901 3181.


– T&E Merchants are ineligible to receive this rate.
– Transaction must be settled within 2 days of purchase date.
– Transaction may be swiped or keyed. Electronic auth required.
– Level II Data required.
Level III Data (line item detail) required.

1.75% + 0.10, This varies based on transaction size, type of card, rewards, fleet, etc.  Call for details.

Commercial Data Rate III Not Eligible: Travel and Entertainment – Restaurants (MCC 5812), Hotels (MCC 3501-3999, 7011), Car Rentals (MCC 3351-3500, 7512, 7513, 7519), and Passenger Transport (MCC 3000-3299, 4511, 4112)



– Applies to all Purchasing and Corporate cards.
– Applies to all non-T&E MCC.
– CPS Qualification and Level III (line item detail) Data required.

Visa Business Cards Do Not qualify for Level 3 interchange.

1.85% + .10 cents.


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