MasterCard Large Ticket Program

MasterCard large ticket program.  Businesses accepting large transactions from clients can reduce transaction cost by working with a level 3 payments expert like

Revolution Payments.

MasterCard Commercial Rates—Large Ticket MPG / Commercial Payments Account

Large Ticket MPG / Commercial Payments Account Transaction Amounts

  • Rate Less than USD 7,255 Large Market Rates apply
  • Large Ticket 1 (USD 7,255.01–25,000) 1.20%
  • Large Ticket 2 (USD 25,000.01–100,000) 1.00%
  • Large Ticket 3 (USD 100,000.01–500,000) 0.90%
  • Large Ticket 4 (USD 500,000.01–999,999) 0.80%
  • Large Ticket 5 (More than USD 1,000,000) 0.70%

Large Ticket Transaction Size Requirements Program Name All Commercial Products Commercial

  • Large Ticket I                 7,255 Commercial
  • Large Ticket II               25,000 Commercial
  • Large Ticket III             100,000


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