Level 3 Processing Rates

If your company sells Business-to-Business and or Business-to-Government you should not overlook the benefits of level 3 processing.

Credit card transactions are broken into 3 different levels. The levels are based on additional information that is sent along with the payment transaction.

Level-1 card data

Level-2 data


Each level requires more information. Think of detail you may find on an invoice. Level 3 processing takes that information and sends it to the credit card processor.

Visa and MasterCard have different rates for commercial, corporate and GSA cards when Level 3 data is provided. It doesnt matter who your processor is or how low your current rate. If your not set up with a level 3 merchant account your NOT paying the lowest rates for  Business and Government transactions.

Level 3 will generally save your $10 for every $1,000 processed. Depending on your rate structure and if you see non qualified on your statement this could amount to much more.

Level 3 does require specific level 3 payment technology. Stand alone terminals do not support level 3.processing. It is also recommended you work with a merchant service professional who has level 3 experience. I have seen many instances where a merchant is sending level 3 data, but the merchant is set up incorrectly to receive  level 3 processing rates.

If you have questions regarding level 3 or want to speak with a knowledgable level 3 payments expert, comparison with a recent statement, give us a call. 888 790 3450 or email [email protected]

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