Level 3 Processing to lower credit card costs

Level 3 processing is an advanced method of processing Business and Government transactions. Level 3 processing allows vendors/merchants to lower credit card processing costs by providing additional information while processing a credit card transaction.

Level 3 data consists of PO number, Customer Codes, and Product Descriptions, Interchange discounts are available when this information is provided.

Receiving lower rates for processing level 3 data is dependent on your processor setting you up correctly and making sure you have level 3 payment technology.

Revolution payment systems has level 3 technology that not only allows level 3 data to be passed behind the scenes and systems in place that make you aware of transactions that can process at lower rates, should you skip anything.

Level 3 processing can have a measurable  impact on a merchants business. Choosing an experienced B2B and B2G merchant service provider will prevent unnecessary and unwarranted fees while streamlining your payment needs.

Revolution payment systems puts a High Priority on implementing the tools and technology that our clients depend on with the industry and expert knowledge we bring to the table.

If your considering a merchant service provide, why not choose a partner who specializes in the B2B and B2G space? We are not an everything processor, but an expert in the B2B and B2G processing space. We give you peace in mind that your business is processing as efficiently as possible.

Questions?  Call our office at 888-790-3450 or email [email protected]

PS. If you process through Quickbooks and looking for a Quickbooks level 3 processing solution, we have you covered.



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