Schedule 51V Critical Information

Critical Information Specific to

Schedule 51V

The information provided in this document is specific to Schedule 51V Solicitation 6FEC-E6-060173-B, Refresh #15. Before submitting your offer, please ensure you have met all of the requirements outlined in this document that are applicable to the products you are offering, as well as any other applicable general requirements listed in the solicitation attachments (e.g. Information and Instructions to Offerors, Commercial Sales Practices Format, etc.).

Please review this document in its entirety for important information and changes.


  1. 1.     NOTICE:  The GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program has recently experienced a tremendous increase in new offers. Due to the large number of new offers currently in process, it could take up to (3) months before your offer is evaluated.GSA’s practice is to evaluate offers in the order in which they are received. However, GSA may give priority to processing certain offers when circumstances dictate, such as when a federal agency Contracting Officer specifically requests an expedited offer review in order to meet a pending requirement that will be procured under the MAS program, or when there is a need for GSA to bring strategically critical new products or services tomarket in order to meet federal customer needs.
  2. 2.     Solicitation Number 6FEC-E6-060173-B is a standing solicitation with no closing date. Resultant contracts awarded under this solicitation will be Multiple Award Schedule IDIQ contracts with a base 5-year period, and the potential for three additional 5-year options.
  3. 3.     The current Solicitation 6FEC-E6-060173-B, Refresh 15, dated June 10, 2013 is hereby issued to incorporate multiple clause and regulation updates, and incorporate other administrative changes.  Refresh 15 replaces Refresh 14, issued December 27, 2012, in its entirety. Offers received after June 10, 2013 must be submitted using the Refresh 15 attachments. Offers received after June 10, 2013 using any documents from any previous refresh solicitations will be rejected.


  1. 4.     All offers must be submitted electronically through the eoffer system. Paper offers will not be accepted, and will not be returned. Please be advised that digital certifications are required for all e-offer and e-mod submittals. Please visit to submit your e-offer and e-mod requests. Any and all references within the solicitation and associated documents pertaining to paper submissions should be disregarded.
  2. 5.     The following documents are listed as “Optional” in the Offer Response Document; however, if these documents are relevant to your individual offer, you must submit them at the time you submit your offer. For example, if you are a Large Business, then the Subcontracting Plan is still required and MUST be submitted with your offer. The “Required” designation is removed so that offers not requiring these documents are not mandated to upload a document stating that it is N/A, resulting in additional, nonessential documentation. Pursuant to these instructions, if your company status dictates the requirement for any of these documents and you fail to submit them with your initial offer, your offer may be rejected.

            Discounting Policies (required if you wish to provide additional information as an    attachment to the CSP-1 regarding your discounting policies)

            Labor Category Descriptions (required if offering labor services under SCA or DBA which    are ancillary/supplemental to a product offering).

Wage Determinations (required if submitting an offer under the Services Contract Act or      Davis Bacon Act)
Fire Or Casualty Safety Standards (required if any of your products have fire or        casualty safety standards)

            Subcontracting Plan (If Large Business) (self-explanatory)

            Authorized Dealer(s) Information (required if you have noted on the Summary of     Offer document that you will have participating Dealers under your contract)

                        Origin of Components of Sets and Kits (Required if you are offering tool sets, tool                           kits, or any other type of set or kit with multiple components)


  1. 6.     All products offered under all SINs must be compliant with clause 52.225-5, Trade Agreements Act. Under SINs 105-001 and 105-002, you are required to submit your entire store or catalog, excluding non-TAA compliant products and AbilityOne products. Separate spreadsheets, one for non-TAA compliant products and one for ETS AbilityOne products, must be submitted with your offer. The products excluded as non-TAA must include the country of origin for each product.


            7.   The Services Contract Act and Davis Bacon Act have been added to the solicitation, and                                  are       applicable ONLY to SINs 834-100, 834-500 and 834-600 under the Commercial                                               Coatings Department, and SINs 577-001, 577-002, and 577-005 under the Industrial                                  Machinery Department.  The contractor’s main focus must be selling the products, and then offer                the services secondary. If using sub-contractors for the Services, the invoicing must be done by               the contractor. Offers for services only will NOT be accepted.
            8.   All offerors must address all technical requirements in clause SCP-FSS-002. If offering products                         only, under Section II, address only Factor I, Corporate Experience and Factor III, Past                             Performance, and Factor IV, Quality Control.


  1. 9.   Documents and information relevant to offers submitted under the Service Contract Act or Davis Bacon Act have been added in the Offer Response Documents. Although added as “optional”, they are required for any offers submitted if offering labor services under SCA or DBA which are ancillary/supplemental to a product offering.

10. E-verify is required and must be accepted for offers submitted under the Service Contract Act or Davis Bacon Act.

  1. 11.  Vendors whose contracts contain SINs 105-001 and/or 105-002 have 9 months from date of contract award to implement the Point of Sale and Transactional (PoST) Data requirements. This list of required data fields supersedes previous transactional data lists from GSA.

Transactional Data Program: The Contractor must have the capability to capture and provide

Level III data (sales data at line-item level) at point of sale to its order processor (e.g.,

merchant bank) for all purchases made with the GSA SmartPay purchase card. All Level III

data must also be available for reporting to the Government. At a minimum, fields must


– Unit cost

– Debit/credit indicator

– Quantities

– Total purchase amount

– Unit of measure

– Payment date

– Product codes

– Merchant Name

– Product descriptions

– Merchant s City

– Ship-from zip code

– Merchant s State

– Freight amount

– Merchant category / business code

– Order date

– Merchant taxpayer identification number (TIN)

– Discount amount

– 1099 status and merchant zip code

The fields listed above are intended to match with commercial level III data reporting requirements. All that is required of the Contractor is to transmit the required fields via their Merchant/Acquirer system, through the Card Associations processing networks. No transactional data is due to GSA directly.

Point of Sale Program: The Contractor shall automatically provide the GSA Schedule price or

lower sale price (unless a lower price was separately negotiated by the ordering agency) and

tax exemption (where applicable) when presented with a GSA SmartPay purchase card in the

following ordering channels:

– Mail order

– Telephone order

– E-mail

– Vendor Commercial Website

– Retail sales in physical storefront

– Customer
– Transaction Number

The Contractor shall recognize the GSA SmartPay purchase card from the 4-digit prefix in the
charge card numbers (called Bank Identification Numbers or BINs). The current GSA SmartPay BIN numbers are:

Visa:            4614, 4716 and 4486
MasterCard: 5565 and 5568

The sales draft, receipt or invoice generated as a result of the transaction shall show the final price charged. The final price may represent the GSA Schedule price or a lower sales price, if applicable.


12.  Green Requirements: Effective February 1, 2011 all products included in product categories listed     below either added by modification to current contracts or awarded under new contracts for Special            Item     Numbers (SINs) 105 001 Hardware Store, Home Improvement Center, or MRO (maintenance,             repair, operations) – Store Front, 105 002 Hardware Store, Home Improvement Center, or MRO         (maintenance, repair, operations) – Catalog, 639 001 Domestic Appliances, and 639 002 Export    Appliances, must meet the following Government standards.  Executive Order 13514 ( requires that 95% of all new contract actions comply            with      requirements for designated “green” products and/or services.  In order to begin implementation   of that order, GSA has designated these four SINs on Schedule 51V, which will meet the requirement           of the FAS environmental standards as listed in GSA Advantage!.  For all SINs, all items, where       applicable, must meet Energy Star requirements and be certified Energy Star compliant or FEMP   approved.  Certification for Energy Star products can be obtained through the website at  The offeror must make an affirmative statement that the products offered are          compliant with the applicable standard or guidelines and the products are listed on the above   websites and provide a detailed description of the current processes, procedures, and/or systems in      place to identify government accepted “energy-efficient” or Green (Energy Star, or Federal Energy         Management Program (FEMP) designated), water-efficient, non-ozone depleting. If not listed, the             Contracting Officer reserves the right   to ask for verification.


SIN’s 105 001, 105 002, 639 001, and 639 002, that currently have both Executive Order 13514                         compliant and non compliant items; We are identifying compliant items as meeting the                             requirements listed for the FAS environmental icons in GSA Advantage!


Effective immediately, non-compliant items in the categories listed below are no longer                                     being accepted.  “Green” products shall meet the requirements of the FAS environmental icon               standards as listed in GSA Advantage! and are required on all new offers submitted under the                   solicitation and modification requests to current contracts.


We will focus on the following products as applicable to the proposed SIN’s for the initial                                     transformation from Brown to Green under the 51V schedule.

Appliances Heating & Cooling
Clothes Washers Air Conditioning, Central
Dehumidifiers Air Conditioning, Room
Dishwashers Room Air Cleaners & Purifiers
Refrigerators Plumbing
Room Air Cleaners & Purifiers Water Heater, Gas Condensing
Water Coolers Water Heater, Heat Pump
Water Heater, High Efficiency Gas Storage
Water Heater, Solar
Water Heater, Whole Home Gas Tankless

            13.  Leasing and Rental Changes: Effective March 1, 2011, the Leasing and Rental attachments               changed significantly in order to standardize the requirements across all product schedules.                            Vendors who currently have Leasing and/or Rental awarded on their schedules will not be              required to comply with the new Leasing/Rental terms until their next option period, at which time               an evaluation will be done to determine if it is in the Government’s best interest to incorporate                    the new requirements or continue with the currently awarded terms.

            14.  Hardware Store Department 3 (SINs 105-001, 105-002, 105-003) Requirements:                    

                  Offerors submitting an offer for acceptance under this program must be a hardware store, home improvement center or MRO, and shall include a diverse line of products and          related services that would normally be found in a commercial hardware store, home     improvement center or MRO.  Offers under SIN 105-001 shall include your complete        storefront(s) and, if offering under SIN 105-002, your entire catalog shall be included with                   your initial offer. Offers that are not diversified in nature will not be considered.  Diversity is        considered to be a minimum of three (3) or more distinct categories or distinct product groups   (not brands name or manufacturers) which may include but are not limited to: flooring, fencing,      hardware, building materials, tools, appliances, electrical, paint, plumbing, lawn and garden, motors, shop, machining, welding, material handling, carts/trucks, dock equipment, HVAC,       cleaning, irrigation and related services.
Offerors submitting offers under this Department are directed to to review a              listing of products available through the AbilityOne mandatory source program. Because the                           AbilityOne products are mandatory purchases for federal customers, contractors are required to                   remove the commercial ETS items from its offer. If you offer products that are ETS as AbilityOne                 products, you are encouraged to become an authorized distributor of AbilityOne products. In                           addition, all AbilityOne Technical Factors must be addressed.


            15.  Letters of Supply (if non-Manufacturer): See the approved GSA template included with the                              solicitation. Any other format will not be accepted. Letters of Supply are required if you are a                           dealer or distributor submitting an offer under any SIN, with the exception of 105-001, 105-002,                          105-003, 515-001 and 515-002. Offers submitted under 105-001, 105-002, 105-003, 515-001 or                   515-002 must still show compliance with clause 9.104 and I-FSS-644 by submitting a Letter(s)                        of Supply, providing a statement of assurance of a source of supply for the life of the contract, or               providing evidence that you will have an uninterrupted source of supply from which to satisfy                                   the Government’s requirements for the contract period. A self-certification may be made by                               providing the GSA Letter of Supply template.


16.  Discount Proposal Spreadsheet: Offers under Schedule 51V are not required to provide a       Most Favored Customer (MFC) on a product by product (line by line) basis.  Disclosures under            51V can be on a product by product basis, family of products or by category of customers.       Offerors may provide a multiple discount structure based on product line categories as a            separate attachment to the CSP-1, Commercial Sales Practices Format.


            17.  Commercial Price List Requirement: Offers who do not have a published, printed, dated                                  commercial price list MUST comply with the requirements in Clause 552.212-70, Preparation of               Offer (Multiple Award Schedule), paragraph (c)(2).

            18.  Invoices: Offerors must provide a random sampling of approximately 20-25 invoices written to             your most favored commercial customer (MFC).  These will be used for the purpose of verifying                        discount and pricing structures disclosed as well as freight evaluation.


            19.  Financial Responsibility: Please be aware that a financial responsibility determination will be                         completed on your firm.  Therefore, financial documentation (Income Statements and                             Balance Sheets) from your firm’s last 2 years are required and must be submitted. Offers         received with less than 2 years of financial history will not be considered for award. In addition,                         you are encouraged to ensure that your Dun and Bradstreet information is current.  With your                  offer, you will be required to submit copies of lien releases for any outstanding liens reflected in                  the D&B Credit Rating Report.


            20.  Marketing Plan: Although Marketing Plans are no longer a mandatory requirement of the                                 solicitation, you are strongly encouraged to submit one with your initial offer. The submission of               a Marketing Plan will assist the Contracting Officer in making a determination that the offer has                 the ability and resources to market to Federal customers. If a Marketing Plan is not submitted                       with the initial offer, it will be at the Contracting Officer’s discretion to request one during the                            initial clarification process.


            21.  Sub-Contracting Plan: A Sub-contracting Plan Model is included in this refresh solicitation.                             Previous versions will NOT be accepted.

            22.  FOB Terms: The Government’s preferred FOB Term is FOB Destination. FOB Origin is                           accepted only under special circumstances.  Offeror must provide substantial documentation to                justify any request for FOB Origin.

            23.  NAICS Codes: You are required to update your SAM registration to reflect the applicable                                 NAICS (North American Industry Classification Codes) based on the scope of the products                               and/or services you are offering.  You will then need to log into ORCA with your MPIN and                    update your registration to reflect the changes in SAM. If you certify your company as a large                                  business in ORCA for purposes of the applicable NAICS, you will be required to submit a Small                 Business Subcontracting Plan for approval with your offer.

            24.  Offerors for Accessories and/or Services: Accessories or services of any kind offered under                any SIN will NOT be accepted unless offered in conjunction with the applicable products or                                   machinery. Offers received for accessories or services only will be rejected.

25.  AbilityOne (Applicable to SINs 105-001, 105-002, 341-800, 600-001, 612-209, 613-001, 834-  100, 834-500, 834-600, and 834-700). Offeror must be an authorized AbilityOne distributor by       the Committee for Purchase from People Who are Blind or Severely Disabled, and must provide       documentation showing acceptance as a distributor by AbilityOne. Contractor shall meet the     AbilityOne Exclusivity Requirement by blocking orders of commercial products that are           identified as being identical to or “Essentially the Same” (ETS) as AbilityOne offered products.          
Offerors submitting an offer under the above SINs must visit the AbilityOne website at a listing of AbilityOne directed source items. If items       being offered are essentially the same (ETS) they must be excluded from the offer.  A list of the       excluded items MUST be submitted with your offer.

As the AbilityOne Program is a mandatory source of supply for all Federal entities, any   contractual vehicle to furnish products to Federal employees must eliminate commercial items             that are identical to or essentially the same (ETS) as AbilityOne items.  Otherwise, the users of       that vehicle may, unknowingly or knowingly, violate the JWOD Act.  This position is consistent   with FAR clause 52.208-9, Contractor Use of Mandatory Sources of Supply. In addition, offerors     are strongly encouraged to participate as a AbilityOne Program distributor.  Participating       distributors shall offer all or a portion of the AbilityOne product line, as negotiated with the         Committee, in consultation with NIB and NISH.  GSA and the Committee, in consultation with NIB and NISH, will make the final decisions regarding the ETS products and appropriate       AbilityOne product mix on a case-by-case basis when a new vendor contacts the AbilityOne      Program.

Offerors must eliminate any commercial items deemed by the Committee to be similar to their respective mandatory source products and in lieu of those items, will offer and distribute the           comparable AbilityOne product. Purchases by Federal customers of commercial items that are       identical to or “essentially the same” (ETS) as AbilityOne products are in violation of the JWOD Act, 41 U.S.C. 46-48c.  Thus, Government agencies are prohibited from acquiring ETS items.  A            complete listing of AbilityOne items can be downloaded at

      AbilityOne Technical Factors: In addition, you must address the following AbilityOne Technical           Factors.
Offerors may propose alternative approaches to each of the sub factors below consistent    with the concept of making AbilityOne products available and preventing the sale of             commercial equivalent products.  However, alternate approaches that do not accomplish the       AbilityOne compliance objective will not be accepted.
a. Describe processes that will be used to identify possible product overlap, such as supplying an inventory list, reviewing the AbilityOne catalog, etc.  If overlap exists, describe     method for supplying the appropriate AbilityOne products such as putting in retail inventory       and/or catalogs, making available through special orders, or some combination and/or         alternative approach.


b. Describe how AbilityOne products will be stocked in the retail locations or otherwise made           available for order.  If applicable, address approximate space provided, whether or not         products will be integrated throughout the store or in a separate area, and any other details about physical stocking of AbilityOne products in the retail locations.


c. Describe how Federal customers’ attention would be drawn to the AbilityOne and             products, including any use of educational/marketing literature, signage, customer service,        or other promotional materials.


d. Describe how commercial products that are equivalent to AbilityOne products and thus    not appropriate for sale under the GSA contract will be identified (e.g., flagged in inventory     system, noted in purchasing records, etc.).  Describe how such products can be identified in            the vendor’s system in order to track the sales of such products to Government purchase        cardholders.  If the inventory system and/or point of sale system lack the capability to flag or           track the sale of specific products, please recommend an alternative approach to quantifying          the sale of such items, such as estimates based on replenishment orders or based on the      percentage of total sales such commercial items are normally responsible for providing.
e. Describe availability of sales data for Government use, segmented by Government           purchase cardholder and/or store location, and/or by individual stock number (SKU).  Is such            sales data by account holder or other customer-unique identifier available?  Is sales data by       store location or individual stock number available?  Is there another sales metric that would           be appropriate?  Please recommend some meaningful type of sales data for review if the       above are not available.


f. Describe other recommendations/efforts to promote the sale of AbilityOne products to       Federal as well as other customers.

Offerors must eliminate any commercial items deemed by the Committee to be similar to their respective mandatory source products and in lieu of those items, will offer and distribute the comparable AbilityOne product.  Purchases by Federal customers of commercial items that are identical to or “essentially the same” (ETS) as AbilityOne products are in violation of the JWOD Act, 41 U.S.C. 46-48c.  Thus, Government agencies are prohibited from acquiring ETS items.  A complete listing of AbilityOne items can be downloaded at or

If it is determined that an offeror has commercial items essentially the same as any of the AbilityOne product but does not agree to participate by selling AbilityOne products, unless a waiver is granted by the Committee, the offer will be rejected in its entirety.

Offerors will provide the Committee with a copy of their product line catalog(s) to be sold under this contract.  The offeror and the Committee staff (with assistance from NIB and NISH) will mutually identify any overlap with the Procurement List, resulting in the Committee’s determination as to which AbilityOne products must be provided and which commercial products must be eliminated. The Committee may grant a written one-year waiver if there is no overlap with the AbilityOne product line or if the overlap is deemed to be insignificant based on potential to impact AbilityOne sales. This waiver would be renewed annually pending review of additions to the product line.

Additional AbilityOne Information:
You may also download and review the most recent Criteria and Application for AbilityOne Program products distributors at  These documents should be completed and returned to the Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled, at the contact and address above.

During the term of the contract, additional items may be added to or deleted from the Procurement List, which is the official list of AbilityOne Program products and services, maintained by the Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled.  The AbilityOne Program shall normally provide 90 days notice of product additions and deletions.  Efforts will be made to coordinate the timing of these with vendor catalog production.

Potential awardees and/or contractors must show all new items designated by the Committee in their next printed catalog and must show the same items in their electronic catalog within 90 days of being notified of the AbilityOne products’ availability.  Items similar to these and any other new AbilityOne items will be blocked and/or deleted from the Contractor’s catalogs for Government use.  In the event that a Government contract already exists for the items added to the AbilityOne programs, the new items will not be shown as AbilityOne in catalogs until after the previous contract expires.  If the items are currently on GSA Schedule, they will not be shown as AbilityOne until the end of the first five-year period; or for schedule contracts beyond their first five-year period, items will not be shown as AbilityOne for 90 days, to give the current contractor a chance to deplete its stock.  Similarly, ETS commercial items need not be eliminated from the catalogs until the requirement to show the new products as AbilityOne items takes effect.

Offerors should address how AbilityOne items will be shown and marketed to Federal Customers in their proposals, but at a minimum, the AbilityOne items should be included in marketing materials in a manner consistent with the commercial items.

  1. If the contractor distributes a print catalog to government customers, the AbilityOne Program encourages, but does not require a fully integrated, Government-unique print catalog.  A commercial print catalog with a AbilityOne insert in lieu of an integrated catalog would be acceptable, but must have appropriate blocking of ETS items, and should integrate AbilityOne items into the index (unless otherwise negotiated with the AbilityOne staff).
  2. If electronic catalogs are used, all items, terms and conditions not accepted by the Government (including the items ETS as AbilityOne products) must be deleted on the Government site/area.  At the same time, the AbilityOne product line must be fully integrated in a manner consistent with commercial items.  Electronic or on-line catalogs integrate AbilityOne items into all search features as well as other pages where applicable.  A separate button for Government customers and/or AbilityOne items is welcome, but not in lieu of integration into the remaining areas of the catalog.  Removal of ETS items is required.

If authorized to distribute AbilityOne items, the Offeror will order such products through the channel(s) designated by those programs, including:


  1. AbilityOne Wholesalers (if applicable)
  2. Designated VAN (Value-Added Network) for direct EDI orders to AbilityOne participating
    nonprofit agencies.  Details are available from the Committee staff, NIB and/or NISH staff.
  3. Central fax number for orders – this method is considerably less efficient and will be considered only as an interim measure while EDI connections are developed.

The offeror must agree to the terms and conditions for the designated channel(s) with respect to ordering procedures and timely payments.  The AbilityOne Program’s terms and conditions for commercial distributors are attached (Attachment 1).  In the event of late payments by authorized distributors, interest may be assessed at rates consistent with the Prompt Payment Act.  Offerors are advised that AbilityOne supplies will be shipped F.O.B. Destination (delivered prices), effective January 1, 2004.  In the interim and/or in some exception cases, some AbilityOne items may ship F.O.B. Origin, meaning freight charges are to be paid by the distributor and the distributor assumes title for the goods once placed on the initial carrier.

Warranty/returned goods policy – The Contractor’s standard commercial warranty as stated in the Contractor’s commercial price list will apply to AbilityOne items.  The Contractor’s stated return policy for the AbilityOne items will be identical to their offered commercial return goods policy.   The AbilityOne Program’s current return policy for commercial distributors is attached (Attachment 2).

The Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled, an independent agency of the Federal Government, is responsible for establishing prices for AbilityOne items.  Normally, the Committee revises prices (upward or downward) for these items once a year, but occasionally market conditions require more frequent revisions.  Certain AbilityOne items are on Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) quarterly schedules; a list of such items is available from the Committee.  The Committee will advise the distributor of price changes and their effective dates with approximately 30 days’ notice.  After the effective date of a price change, any subsequent orders will be at the new price.  The distributor will adjust its selling price, based upon its awarded mark-up for those items offered.

NIB/NISH Prime-Ordering/Invoice Payment:
NIB/NISH, their authorized agent(s), or authorized nonprofit agencies, will receive the AbilityOne orders and handle related order processing, administrative, and financial matters (Invoicing/Payment).  The Contractor shall make invoice payments to NIB/NISH, their authorized agent, and/or authorized nonprofit agencies as noted on the invoice within 30 days after the distributor receives the date the invoice.

Resultant contracts awarded under this solicitation will be Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (Multiple Award Schedule) contracts providing our customers the ability to obtain a broad selection of supplies and services on a walk-in/walk-out storefront or catalog program.  Government Purchase Cards are the preferred method of payment.  In those instances where use of the Government Purchase Card is not feasible, contractors may accept delivery orders issued by authorized users.  This offers another supply choice of Federal customers while providing a discount for the brand name, quality products and services available in the commercial market.

For purposes of this contract, references to “order(s)” placed under the contract means transactions utilizing a Government Purchase Card by a Government employee or any authorized user.  In those instances where a Government Purchase Card cannot be used, references to “order(s)” placed under the contract means transactions utilizing a delivery order issued by a Government employee or any authorized user.

Report of sales will be based on Contractors Report of Sales (Clause 552.238-74).  Industrial Funding Fee (Clause 552.238-76) requires submission of the applicable fee based on the total quarterly sales.  Quarters are defined as calendar quarters (i.e. January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December).

AbilityOne (NIB/NISH) Distributor(s):
Offerors are strongly encouraged to participate with Government mandatory source programs.  Under these programs offerors would become certified distributors of AbilityOne (NIB/NISH) products.  This would require the stocking, distribution and delivery of AbilityOne (NIB/NISH) core items (listing of core items to be provided by AbilityOne (formerly AbilityOne.  For non-core AbilityOne items, stocking will not be mandatory.  Offerors are encouraged to stock non-core items if they have customer demand for those items.  If non-core items are not stocked, successful offerors will be required to track sales of similar commercial items and report them to AbilityOne Program semi-annually.  If significant demand is demonstrated, items may be moved from the non-core list to the AbilityOne list.

______________ % MARK UP OFFERED AbilityOne PRODUCTS, IF PARTICIPATING (f.o.b. destination)

Vendors interested in participating in the AbilityOne (NIB/NISH) Distributor program will be forwarded an Application for Distributors upon request.

AbilityOne Program: APPLICABLE ONLY TO MANDATORY SOURCE AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR PROGRAM:  Based on Congressional statutes, there are two socioeconomic procurement programs that furnish products and/or services to support Federal Government requirements.  These programs have mandatory source status and preference over the products and services of other vendors, as implemented by Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 8.
Pursuant to the provisions of the Javits-Wagner-O’Day, production facilities associated with National Industries for the Blind (NIB) and NISH (serving people with a wide range of disabilities) are mandatory sources for certain items.  This listing of all AbilityOne items can be downloaded from  The contractor will be required to stock and distribute these items to Federal customers under the Catalog SIN, unless no product overlap is mutually determined with the AbilityOne Program management team.  Commercial items similar to AbilityOne products will be excluded from the catalog. These programs have mandatory source status and preference over products and services of other vendors, as implemented by Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 8.

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