GSA has added Level-3 processing as a requirement for the Strategic Sourcing BPAs on GSA Schedule.

Level-3 processing, GSA has added Level-3 processing as a

requirement for the Strategic Sourcing BPAs on GSA Schedule.

Aside from looking more appealing to Government buyers level 3 Processing can save merchants up to 40% on Commercial and Government transactions


   Vendors whose contracts contain SINs 105-001 and/or 105-002 have 9 months from date of contract award to implement the Point of Sale and Transactional (PoST) Data requirements. This list of required data fields supersedes previous transactional data lists from GSA.

Transactional Data Program: The Contractor must have the capability to capture and provide

Level III data (sales data at line-item level) at point of sale to its order processor (e.g.,

merchant bank) for all purchases made with the GSA SmartPay purchase card. All Level III

data must also be available for reporting to the Government. At a minimum, fields must


– Unit cost

– Debit/credit indicator

– Quantities

– Total purchase amount

– Unit of measure

– Payment date

– Product codes

– Merchant Name

– Product descriptions

– Merchant s City

– Ship-from zip code

– Merchant s State

– Freight amount

– Merchant category / business code

– Order date

– Merchant taxpayer identification number (TIN)

– Discount amount

– 1099 status and merchant zip code

The fields listed above are intended to match with commercial level III data reporting requirements. All that is required of the Contractor is to transmit the required fields via their Merchant/Acquirer system, through the Card Associations processing networks. No transactional data is due to GSA directly.

Point of Sale Program: The Contractor shall automatically provide the GSA Schedule price or

lower sale price (unless a lower price was separately negotiated by the ordering agency) and

tax exemption (where applicable) when presented with a GSA SmartPay purchase card in the

following ordering channels:

– Mail order

– Telephone order

– E-mail

– Vendor Commercial Website

– Retail sales in physical storefront

– Customer
– Transaction Number The Contractor shall recognize the GSA SmartPay purchase card from the 4-digit prefix in the
charge card numbers (called Bank Identification Numbers or BINs). The current GSA SmartPay BIN numbers are: Visa:    4614, 4716 and 4486
MasterCard: 5565 and 5568

The sales draft, receipt or invoice generated as a result of the transaction shall show the final price charged. The final price may represent the GSA Schedule price or a lower sales price, if applicable.


If you have any questions regarding Level-3 Processing or the GSA required level 3 mandate call one of Revolution’s Level-3 payment consultants at 888-790-3450 or email [email protected]


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