Winning Government Contracts

Winning government contracts and keeping more profits!!  Once you win a government contract how can you keep more of your money?

One way contractors can offer government clients the best possible price without pinching their margins is by becoming Level-3 credit card processing compliant. With Level-3 contractors can guarantee that they are getting the best possible interchange rates.

Mastercard and VISA have set up special, discounted rates for purchasing cards, but only if Level-3 line item detail is provided. Level-3 also provides additional transparency, since every purchase is listed clearly.

Level-3 can save a contractor 2 percent or more on their processing rate, affording the ability to maintain profit margins in the face of increasing pressure for sharper discounts.

Unfortunately this is used infrequently in the contracting space. Statics show us that 3 out of 5 contractors are not accepting purchase cards properly, meaning they are not submitting level 3 payment detail.

In this podcast Sean Jones, president of Revolution Payment explains the importance of level 3 processing when accepting government purchase cards.

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